REVEALED! 16 things women think of when having sex

I would like to know for sure. What is going in her head? Am I doing it right or am I a colossal fuck-up that doesn’t know how what the heck he is doing down there?

Okay, that’s just me but it sometimes not the case that what women are thinking about will be sex happening about that minute.
Studies have revealed that men and women daydream while having sex, men typically wonder about their performance like I wrote in the first paragraph while women think about their bodies, weirdly sometimes, its not about what is currently happening, could be something bothering us.
Allison Feller of Allure asked 16 women what they think about during sex, and the answers are very interesting.

1. “I really should’ve held that pee and waited until after all of this to flush out any chances of a UTI.” —Sue M
2. “I was thinking about my ex—and wondering if I’m better than his ex.” —Mary S
3. “Nike was right. Just do it. I’m not in the mood.” —Jenny F
4. “Is this really happening? I didn’t even realize he was bald and I’ve always wanted to have sex with a bald guy. Surprise win!” —Jackie K
5. “I
hope he finishes before the pizza delivery guy gets here…” —Jennifer S
6. “This guy is so tall and could probably pick me up… Now I’m thinking the tacos I had for dinner were a bad idea. I feel bloated.” —Amanda B
7. “Why can’t I feel anything? Did someone shoot Novocain into my special place?” —Darlene K
8. “The sex were having right now makes looking at his multiple framed high school football photos five minutes ago so worth it…” —Jessica R
9. “I feel like based on the fact that during the act he shouted at his Amazon Echo, ‘Alexa, play Drake Spotify Shuffle,’ this is probably not the type of guy that’s going to text me back. And now I don’t know if he’s still talking to Alexa or if he’s talking to me…” —Samantha C
10. “My dog is, um, clingy. So the last time I had sex with my husband, I kept thinking to myself, ‘I hope she doesn’t come upstairs, I hope she doesn’t come upstairs.’ Because she would jump on the bed and try to, uh, participate.” —Lona P
11. “Watching that Nazi documentary on Netflix probably wasn’t the best choice…” —Pam C
12. “Wow, this apartment is disgusting. Is this how 30-year-old men live alone? Wait…he’s going down on me. This place is great.” —Sally G
13. “This guy is definitely going to text me back. Actually…maybe not.” —Rebecca C
14. “How did we even get into this position? I didn’t even know he was strong enough to do that move. Is there such a thing as superhuman sex strength? Kinda like when a mother lifts a bus to rescue her child?” —Sharon C
15. “I was thinking about not being late for work and hoping there were ample Ubers making their rounds in my neighborhood. My boyfriend is a morning person. Ugh.” —Ann W
16. “They warned me that one of the side effects of having a baby is a vagina that rivals a desert. They were right. This is ridiculous.” —Lauren P