Almasi from Machachari speaks after he was caught SMOKING grabbing a lady's behind

Former kid star, Ian Nene who starred as Almasi in the Kid's show machachari has spoken for the first time after photos of him smoking and groping a girl emerged online.
Nene who now lives in Kent, England lamented of the backlash that the articles on the Kenyan interweb had caused him.

For starters, a relative of his called him out for embarrassing their family on the internet by being reckless.
Writing on his blog Nene said that he was shocked that some people were even questioning his sexuality. 

"Knowing the way social media works, they most definitely got their views and ratings at an all time high, all by spreading negative comments, hinting towards me being a ‘good kid gone bad’ and others, going to the extent of even creating speculations about my sexuality! (LOL!! MUSIC TO MY EARS)," Nene wrote in part.

This had come after he was photographed rocking a septum ring.
In the same post, Nene said that most of the people who were hating on him probably had sad lives and were taking it out on him.