Viral S**X Video: You will be surprised to Seen what the girls do in hostel

Today Girls have started to emulate the boys, In early time, the boy went out of the country for higher education, now a day’s girls are going. Whenever Girls go to read out often girls stay in hostel. They are screaming all that the whole hostels are surprised. 

Today we will talk about what is the girl’s hostel.The village and the city will certainly surprise you to read these simple girls who work in the hostel. Your friend is supported A girl in the hostel of the other girl with her friend never leaves.She always supported and that of the other girl here and there are fights with other girls.Bathroom Singer is also created whether the girls know how to sing songs when she entered the bathroom of the hostel. If someone would bother others, she does not care about anyone.
 This question comes to the mind of every girl when she is standing in front of your wardrobe after bath. And thinks that such thinking holds up for about 15 minutes what should they wear.
 They lost in gossips. Girls often settle down by the bunch in the hostel, and their gossips start doesn’t notice for time.Whether the girl somewhere who is worried about her figure. She maintained her figure and exercises to keep their body maintain and also joined the gym with some girls.

Whether the girl somewhere who is worried about her figure. She maintained her figure and exercises to keep their body maintain and also joined the gym with some girls.The girls hostel don’t like at all food.I often eat at the hostel ever since salt water is greater than ever in pulses are then complain to the manager,Many girls keep their room as it is their home.

Many girls in their room poured perfume so it can be the most different. 

 VIDEO: Hostel Girls Having s**X

Blonde Model Claims That She CAN'T GET A JOB At Agencies...Because Her BUT*T IS TOO BIG!

X*X Stars Meet Normal People and Tell Them To “Touch Me”

What would you do if you were asked to touch an adult performer?
The results are shocking!

People love watching adul*t films. More than they are willing to admit. x*x films are one of the biggest businesses in the world, and adul*t video sites get more daily views than any other site on the entire internet. We often forget, but adul*t stars are just people like you and me. So what would happen if you met an adul*t star, and they asked you to touch them? Find out what these people did next!


It was a social experiment. Unsuspecting people were asked to stand in front of a camera and just wait for a surprise. Soon enough, someone stepped behind them.

The people were tapped on the shoulder, and turned around to see a person who has appeared in pO*rnographic films. Some of the porn stars were conservatively dressed, and others were scantily clad. 

The adul*t stars then asked the people to touch them. The people were surprised at first and didn’t know what to do. One woman asked, “Anywhere I want?” And the answer was yes.

Most of the people are sheepish at first, not knowing what to do to the Por*N star. Some go straight to kissing them and hugging them, and others ask questions about them or greet them with a friendly handshake. I was surprised to see some people who decided to look at every inch of their star before touching them.

I think the most touching moment was the man who said that he never had the chance to touch a woman’s body, and he was so happy to finally get the opportunity.

डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प की वाइफ है बेहद हॉट देखना न भूले ये फोटोज

डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प के राष्ट्पति बनते ही उनकी पत्नी मेलानिया भी चर्चा मे आ गई ! देखिये क्यों वायरल हो रहे है उनके ये हॉट फोटोज

डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प से बहुत कम उम्र है मेलानिया की और सोलह साल से मॉडलिंग की दुनिया मे नाम कमा रही हैं 

डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प से बहुत कम उम्र है मेलानिया की और सोलह साल से मॉडलिंग की दुनिया मे नाम कमा रही हैं screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-1-09-09-pm




Antilla – Mukesh Ambani and Nita’s house at Altamount Road ,Mumbai

OMG: Mukesh Ambani and Nita’s house


 Just like his business Mukesh Ambani ,the owner of Reliance group is making the whole world excited with his brand new home “Antilla”.Antilla is situated at Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill, South Mumbai, where land costs about US$10,000 per square metre.The house is having a plot area of 4532 sqm.Antilla is the most expensive house that India had ever seen. Mukesh Ambani had spent a sum of 4000 crore rupees for constructing such a huge Villa which is almost 173 metres tall.The design of the entire building is done using gorgeous design method designed by chicago’s famous architectures Perkins and Wills .The features that make Antilla unique is that ,it has 27 floors and it is twice as taller than any other buildings in Mumbai.
 A full time staff of six hundred in numbers was appointed for maintain this most expensive home in the world.The other features of this house includes parking space for 168 cars,a one floor vehicle maintenance facility ,nine elevators in the lobby,three helipads ,air traffic control facility, health spa, an ice room infused with man-made snow flurries,Custom hand carved rare marble pillars and stonework. yoga studio, small theatre with a seating capacity for 50 on the eighth floorand Worlds largest collection of antique sewing machines.
Anil ambani who is the brother of Mukeshbani became impressed of Antilla and now he is also planning to contruct a Villa similar to Antilla near Bandra Palli Hill & Sachin ‘S New Home at Perry Corss Road.Another interesting story about Antilla is that it had become a venue for celebrating Sachin’s 100 th century by Mukesh Ambani.
Antilla’s view from the top make every one of us feel like “Antilla the 8th wonder of the world”.

Beautifull House in the Word
The plot on which Antila stands was bought by Mr. Ambani in a auction for 215 million rupees. It belonged to a muslim Charitable Trust who run an Orphanage in another place. These people have accepted the fact that the money paid by Ambani is much less than its actual market price. However, since it was bought in an auction this allegation has been silenced. This building also stands on the criticizing points of many other people.

 Some people have said that it is just another show of wealth by a rich man in a country where millions hardly have a roof over their heads. Is it good to build a house so extravagant in a country which is still considered among the poorest in the world? The question remains unanswered and in a cloud of mystery.
Mukesh Ambani Home Antilia Modern Lounge
Mukesh Ambani House Ballroom
Mukesh Ambani House Lobby
Mukesh Ambani Home Antilia Traditional Lounge

Mukesh Ambani Home Antilia Theater
Mukesh Ambani Home Antilia Health section
Mukesh Ambani Home Antilia Bathroom
Building arrangement

Some thoughts on Modern Day Dating

I think that I have mentioned it before, we live in this modern day world full of choice and technology and I am starting realise (or maybe I have known for a long time) that this doesn't really do any favours to those of us that are trying to date. To me, this is modern dating... 

Modern Dating is... never knowing what the fuck is actually going on and being to scared to ask because you don't want to come across as crazy 

Modern Dating is... sitting on "Read" and going silently crazy wondering what you did to upset him

Modern Dating is... joining Tinder even though you think its probably not going to work but feeling desperate enough to give it a go anyway because your time is running out. 

Modern Dating is... Deleting Tinder a week after you installed it because its not organic and everyone you have met isn't actually 6 ft even when they said they would 

Modern Dating is... Reinstalling Tinder a few months later because hey, this time could be different and you're not getting any younger 

Modern Dating is... saying no to all other guys because you have feelings for someone and while nothing has happened, you just don't want to risk it in case it does. And this is why, you are currently in the longest drought of your sexual career 

Modern Dating is... buying new lingerie, getting a wax and a fake tan and laying yourself on a silver platter only to be turned down. But hey, you look banging so really he is the only one that misses out and sharing a bed is annoying anyway.

Modern Dating is... getting waxed every month because it might be lucky this time around and even though it never is, at least someone is touching your vagina, even if it is only to slather you in hot wax

Modern Dating is... having multiple platforms to contact people on and still not getting anything (because he hates you!!) and wanting to contact them but not wanting to seem crazy

Modern Dating is...trying not to be crazy but then being crazy about not being crazy. And actually legit not being crazy until that dude comes on the scene 

Modern Dating is...bomb fire Nudes that you send only to them and forget to save. Its kinda like that scene in Big Daddy "we wasted the good surprise on you". Though thankfully you did save that one amazing underboob shot and now its on Tumblr because hey, sometimes things are just too good to not share

Modern Dating is... making an effort with your head, just in case there is a chance that you might see them. Even if the Chance is like 0.01%. You can't hide your terrible personality but you can kind of try to hide your terrible face. 

Modern Dating is...'not looking for anything', and I kind of get that. If you've managed to get to this age without any battle wounds, I don't know that you have really experienced life. But I also think that you cant put your life on hold for ever just out of fear, not every person is them and you deserve to be happy... you just need to try. 

Modern Dating is...  finding out from social media that its over and you're done. No final show downs, just some ghosting and photos with the new partner. 

Modern Dating is... constantly wondering why you aren't good enough and why it is so easy for everyone else that you know to find partners or get affection. You know you're hideous, but fuck, you're not that bad and you're sure you've got some good qualities in there.

Modern Dating is... having to tell your friends that its another false alarm and they can take the eggs out of the basket now.  Or actually not really telling anyone at all, because really there was never anything to tell. 

This last couple of months, I have felt pretty much all of these things. Same old story, met a guy, he took my breath away the instant that I saw him without him even realising (I strongly believe that he is one of the special ones) A couple of months of talking and terrible flirting on my behalf and it all came to a head a few weeks ago. I laid my cards on the table and it didn't turn out how I was wanting, but that's cool as well, he isn't looking for anything and I respect him so much for being honest about it. I got sent this the other day and it hit my feels "Even if you go for it and it doesn't work out you still win. You still had the guts enough to head straight in to something that frightened you. That type of bravery will take you places" and you know what, that is 100% correct. I've survived every other set back in life and with each one of these, its taking me closer to the magic that I deserve. How bloody exciting is that. 

So hold in there my cherubs, its not easy, but I KNOW that one day its all going to be worth it. 

Love and Magic Dreaming 

Miss K

The Hottest Women Brad Pitt Dated Before Angelina Jolie

 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

#1 Sinitta

#2 Shalane McCall

#3 Juliette Lewis

#4 Julia Ormond

#5 Thandi Newton
They met in 1994 on the set of the movie Interview with a Vampire. That year Brad dated both Ormond and Newton. The relationship with the gorgeous British actress didn't last long, but it ended amicably.

#6 Claire Forlani
Remember 'Meet Joe Black'? They co-starred in it and obviously dated. You know the pattern. It lasted for less than a year.

#7 Demi Moore
It was rumored in the late 90's that they were together. She was at the same level of fame than he was. The strange thing: they didn't meet at 'work'.

How to Give a BJ as Taught by Adult Stars

It’s Best to Learn From Experts: How to Give a BJ as Taught by Adult Stars

"First, you cannot be afraid of the d**k."

Every heterosexual female wants make sure they’re pleasing their man the right way when going down on him. Ladies, am I right or wrong? I’m sure we can all agree that the greatness of the blowjob totally depends on the receiver and his little guy. But is there a right or wrong way?
Well, according to a group of adult stars, there may be. In Wood Rocket’s Ask a Pornstar series, 19 female stars dish on how to give mind-blowing, tear-jerking, toe-curling blowjobs. Let me just say that the lessons get pretty interesting, and visual. So far I’ve gathered that, if you do nothing else, you should at least do three things:
  1. Never use your teeth (unless he’s into that), 2. Use your hands, and 3. A lot of spit is great.
 But wait, there’s more.
Trillium shows how to give perfect blowjob

These ladies show you how to give the perfect blowjob
April O’Neil

“Do some stuff with your mouth and your throat and react to how they’re reacting to it. If they like it, if they don’t like it, if they don’t make a sound, if they do… respond to that.”

Trillium on Perfect BJ

“I keep my tongue over my bottom teeth and my top lip over my top teeth usually. You gotta make sure you don’t hit a d**k with teeth, unless they’re okay with that, cause they will literally tell their friends this girl sucks at blowjobs because she uses her teeth.” 
Let's see video

Trillium on Using Hands

“[Go up and down] Rhythmically, sometimes just with your hands, because if you go with your mouth and your hands for too long, they’re likely to c*m really fast. The best blow job is with two hands and your mouth on the head.”

 August Ames

“I like to use a lot of spit. You don’t wanna chafe their d**k. So… use a lot of spit and then I like to use both hands and like… up and down, up and down.”

 Daisy Monroe

“First, I would like, grab the d**k and lick it from the base to the head. And then I would spit on it and start deep-throating it.”

Stevie Foxx

“I’ve thrown up on d**k before. I don’t like to do that, but I have pushed my limits… The cute little licks and stuff, I really like to work my way into it. So, it’s all about those first, initial little tip licks. You know, kinda rim it around. And just work your way into the suck. I like to tease a lot, too.”

Ask A Porn Star: “Giving A Perfect Blowjob”

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