10 Facts About Sex You Should Probably Knowd

College is full of exploration and new discoveries, and not just about ourselves. Our sexuality is explicitly explored and discovered during college, especially since we party so much and are surrounded by so many attractive people.

But, are we really experts just because we tango in the sheets a lot? Hell no. Here are some facts you probably didn't know but should know, so read through and take some notes while you're at it--Cornell style.

1. According to WebMD, you'll burn an average of five calories per minute during the horizontal tango. That's 150 calories during the most fun exercise you'll have in your life! So eat a cookie and burn it off in the sack.

2. According to a ABC News, a study has shown that sex makes women's hair shinier and their skin glow. So ladies, if you're looking for that perfect glow factor, you know what to do.

3. According to the Sex MD, women are likely to have more intense orgasms during her period. So suck it up, guys, and break out a towel so we ladies can have more fun.

4. Men can actually achieve multiple orgasms during sex. And so can women. At least according to Dr. Lehmiller and some scientific studies conducted over the years.

5. Aaccording to Slate. Women who are around college age, or women between the ages of 20-30, are more likely to have anal sex. No shame, ladies. In fact, the amount of women this age having butt sex has more than doubled in the last 10-20 years, 

6. Women can actually have wet dreams too. So guys, we actually do understand the embarrassing moment you wake up with a mess on your hands.

7. If you want an aphrodisiac for your man, look no further than pumpkin pie, according to NY Daily News. That's good news for the ladies out there that loves their pumpkin spice lattes!

8. In the same article by the Sex MD, it is stated that studies show orgasms are a great way to relieve period pains.

9. Women have twice as many nerve endings in their clitoris than a man has on his entire penis. So yeah, guys, play with it more.

10. A lot of men think their penis is too small, but it was actually noted that around 84 percent of women are generally satisfied with their partner's size in surveys conducted by Psychology Today. So, guys, stop worrying about your lil' guy.

Remember to always have fun, stay protected, and get consent!