X*X Stars Meet Normal People and Tell Them To “Touch Me”

What would you do if you were asked to touch an adult performer?
The results are shocking!

People love watching adul*t films. More than they are willing to admit. x*x films are one of the biggest businesses in the world, and adul*t video sites get more daily views than any other site on the entire internet. We often forget, but adul*t stars are just people like you and me. So what would happen if you met an adul*t star, and they asked you to touch them? Find out what these people did next!


It was a social experiment. Unsuspecting people were asked to stand in front of a camera and just wait for a surprise. Soon enough, someone stepped behind them.

The people were tapped on the shoulder, and turned around to see a person who has appeared in pO*rnographic films. Some of the porn stars were conservatively dressed, and others were scantily clad. 

The adul*t stars then asked the people to touch them. The people were surprised at first and didn’t know what to do. One woman asked, “Anywhere I want?” And the answer was yes.

Most of the people are sheepish at first, not knowing what to do to the Por*N star. Some go straight to kissing them and hugging them, and others ask questions about them or greet them with a friendly handshake. I was surprised to see some people who decided to look at every inch of their star before touching them.

I think the most touching moment was the man who said that he never had the chance to touch a woman’s body, and he was so happy to finally get the opportunity.