This Is How Much Po*n Female Stars Receive For Each Scene

Adult sites have a grand business. since internet has provided a surface for millions of people to go through such videos. In fact, major part of success via internet is to the sites who have adult content because people are always curious to know about stuff which isn't always openly discussed.

But then, you might be having no idea how much the actors in these videos are earning. It is going to shock you.

He represent them

He represents adult female stars like Japanese sensation Asa Akira, American-Scottish beauty Skin Diamond, and Chanel Preston.

The Spiegler Girls

He also has a firm named "The Spiegler Girls." which has the most popular adult movie stars under it.

$50,000 on average
In earlier times, a female adult performer could earn $100,000 each year on average, but now because it has become vast they earn less while having to mange social management as well.

 The best ones earn $350,000 every single year
And the best male performers can earn around $100,000 each year.

250 performers are going to have 100-150 scenes
Statistically it means, that the best female star needs to shoot 10 scenes each month.

For a Girl-on-girl scene they are given $800.
And the money varies with the type of scenes they do.
Sunny Leone earned $250,000
Whether she does it now or not, she received $250,000 to be in an adult film.