The Best Cat Pranks in History

Ah, cats. So many of us just can’t help but love them, even if it’s at the cost of every piece of clothing we own being adorned with calico furs, or every piece of furniture in the house occasionally serving as a make-shift scratch post

Whether they’re being adorably loving or silently judgmental, something about the little fur balls just makes you want to grin. Here we’ve gathered GIF’s of kittins at their wiliest, in order to bring you a collection of some of the best cat pranks ever caught on film. Among them however, you’ll also find a couple of kitties who found themselves on the opposite end of a prank, with no time to carefully plan out how to pretend not to care they’d been hoodwinked!

So if your cat’s ever smugly assured you that you’re far from intelligent enough to ever pull one over on him, you’ve come to the right place. These hilarious GIF’s demonstrate some of the best tricks of stealth known to kitty kind, as well as evidence that cats actually can be taken by surprise. You’ll see cats and kittens alike outsmarted by their humans, each other, and even a dog or two.

Must Eat Human Dinner Food

Who Needs a Treadmill?

The Sheets Never Saw It Coming

Parallel Dimension Can Not Protect You Forever, Mouse...

You Win

Oh Look It's Another Cat...a Magical...Disappearing Cat?

The Dog Gets His Watery Revenge

Hey Have We Met Befor....AHHHH!

Who Is This All-Powerful Shoe?!

Surprise Suckers! Mwahahaha!

The Enemy Is Alive! Everyone Run! Save Yourselves!

Beware the Evil Talking Blob

Did I Get It? Did I Get It?!

What's This? Something I Haven't Bitten? Let Me Just...

Kitten Mittens Are Cat Kryptonite

Snack Time Meets an Unexplainable New Obstacle

Well This Is New

Hey! What???

Wait... Was that a Mouse? Oh, Um... Sorry?

Here Comes Santa Cat Video