The young actress Andrea Brillantes is now making rounds all over social media after a Facebook page named Filipino Vines posted a video of her. The actress is known for playing the title character in the primetime series called "Anna Liza" in 2013 and had become a social media sensation because of her videos. Now another one of her videos has gone viral all over social media but this one is different - it is a cover song.
The video shows that the child star sang a cover song entitled "Paasa (T.A.N.G.A)". The song was originally written and sang by the artist Yeng Constantino and the cover version of Andrea took the social media by storm. Many of the netizens were first surprised and a lot of his fans and supporters shared the video and it is now currently going viral all over the internet.
If you want to watch the video, you can go see on the link below.

 Watch Video Source: Facebook