How to Give a BJ as Taught by Adult Stars

It’s Best to Learn From Experts: How to Give a BJ as Taught by Adult Stars

"First, you cannot be afraid of the d**k."

Every heterosexual female wants make sure they’re pleasing their man the right way when going down on him. Ladies, am I right or wrong? I’m sure we can all agree that the greatness of the blowjob totally depends on the receiver and his little guy. But is there a right or wrong way?
Well, according to a group of adult stars, there may be. In Wood Rocket’s Ask a Pornstar series, 19 female stars dish on how to give mind-blowing, tear-jerking, toe-curling blowjobs. Let me just say that the lessons get pretty interesting, and visual. So far I’ve gathered that, if you do nothing else, you should at least do three things:
  1. Never use your teeth (unless he’s into that), 2. Use your hands, and 3. A lot of spit is great.
 But wait, there’s more.
Trillium shows how to give perfect blowjob

These ladies show you how to give the perfect blowjob
April O’Neil

“Do some stuff with your mouth and your throat and react to how they’re reacting to it. If they like it, if they don’t like it, if they don’t make a sound, if they do… respond to that.”

Trillium on Perfect BJ

“I keep my tongue over my bottom teeth and my top lip over my top teeth usually. You gotta make sure you don’t hit a d**k with teeth, unless they’re okay with that, cause they will literally tell their friends this girl sucks at blowjobs because she uses her teeth.” 
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Trillium on Using Hands

“[Go up and down] Rhythmically, sometimes just with your hands, because if you go with your mouth and your hands for too long, they’re likely to c*m really fast. The best blow job is with two hands and your mouth on the head.”

 August Ames

“I like to use a lot of spit. You don’t wanna chafe their d**k. So… use a lot of spit and then I like to use both hands and like… up and down, up and down.”

 Daisy Monroe

“First, I would like, grab the d**k and lick it from the base to the head. And then I would spit on it and start deep-throating it.”

Stevie Foxx

“I’ve thrown up on d**k before. I don’t like to do that, but I have pushed my limits… The cute little licks and stuff, I really like to work my way into it. So, it’s all about those first, initial little tip licks. You know, kinda rim it around. And just work your way into the suck. I like to tease a lot, too.”

Ask A Porn Star: “Giving A Perfect Blowjob”