OMG: Everything about it is se*x-themed, First Of Its Kind Theme Park Is About To Open In Brazil

If it weren't for se*x, the world would cease to exist. Sure, people still think that it's taboo to speak of it, let alone patronize it. It's a crazy society that we live in but hey, se*x freaking sells and some people are willing to cash in on it. There's the world's oldest profession aka prostitution. Of course, there's porn and the constant churning out of films for every kink that exists out there. And there are some weird se*x-related industries that can just make you scratch your head like butt plugs made with the likeness of Donald Trump. Let's go a bit easy today and check out a theme park that chose to be less family-friendly than the norm...

It’s a new theme park in Brazil called Erotikaland

And yes, it's pretty much similar to Disneyland, minus the cutesy characters and only more Se*x. There are countless plans underway for the park, one of them being genitalia-shaped amusement rides.

And yes, everything about it is se*x-themed

All of the elements of the park will be related to Se*xual organs or activities.

To prudes, it may seem appalling, but open-minded folks are having a field day about how funny it's going to be.

You won’t be able to find regular carnival snacks around here

Don't expect to walk around with a tub of popcorn or a stick of cotton candy. The park will only offer aphrodisiac snacks and the restaurants will only offer meals with aphrodisiac foods.

There are plans of including a nudist pool somewhere on the park

Since Brazil can get pretty hot during the summer months, park officials are planning to install a pool so that nudists can have a place to go to to cool down.

Despite being sex-themed, guests aren’t allowed to have sex inside Erotikaland

There's going to be a hotel within the park itself for those who can't hold it any longer. If they prefer, park officials will also be operating motels outside of the park for a fee.

A 7D cinema will be erected within the park

You read that right. 7D. It will include vibrating seats that will surely tittilate the senses of those who want to watch something inside the theatre. Any guess on possible films that they might screen there?

There’s also going to be a sex shop

You won't be able to find mouse ears inside Erotikaland's souvenir shop. You can probably get vibrators, plugs, clamps, and sex dolls for sale, along with some souvenir items emblazoned with the park's logo.

And an erotic museum to showcase sex throughout history

Because the park will also be a bit educational, they will have a museum showcasing some items and information about sex during the earlier times and how people got themselves off back then.