“It’s not easy but if I don’t have a man…” Popular actress talks about masturbation

Masturbation is a taboo topic but behind closed doors, people do it… Even celebrities are not illumine to self stimulation.
She was bold enough to share self-recorded video of her talking about the forbidden topic of masturbation.
Popular Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has become internet sensation after she threw in her two cents on masturbation.
In a viral Instagram video, the daring Nollywood actress discusses both the pros and cons of self stimulation.
Anita however admits she doesn’t flip the beans but also acknowledges that masturbation helps relieve pressure when someone has nobody to meet their sexual demands.
“You know, nobody interests you more because when it’s full, you just go and get it off, that’s it… You getting down with any man you see or any woman you see… That’s wrong too, but the thing is… It’s really a hard question, it’s really a hard topic, it’s a tough one… for me!… ehh! I will not masturbate… and I won’t do flings… I’ll try… you know, I’ll try, it’s not easy but if I don’t have a man, yes, I can have someone I see once in a while, I mean, sex is not everything ma brother, you know, you can do without it.” Anita talked about masturbation.
Watch the complete video below: