Drama in Embu! Bahati whisked to safety as displeased fans tried blocking his way

Imagine Festival which was held in Embu College Campus on 4thFebruary didn’t end well for Bahati who left fans VERY disappointed.
Bahati was among other artists who travelled to Embu for a concert that has made headlines across the country.

The singer was not very lucky during his performance as he was forced to leave the stage prematurely before fans could even enjoy his performance.

Bahati’s woes started when he experienced problems with his microphone while performing; the singer was forced to halt his performance and went on to mingle with fans as organizers tried to fix the problem.
Bahati had only sung ‘Mapenzi’ when the microphone malfunctioned; he went back on stage to perform to fans but the microphone once again failed him after he has sang a few of his songs.
The ‘Kwa Moyo Wangu’ singer decided to lip synch his song before he stopped and went to check what was happening.

Tempers flared up as Bahati left the stage prematurely before he could sing most of his hit song, including ‘Barua’, which fans were eagerly waiting for.
Security whisked away the gospel singer from displeased Embu fans who tried blocking his way.