MEN. 6 signs you’re good in bed… for men

Nothing feels better than when a man is good in bed and can satisfy his lady with minimum fuss.
When you’re good in bed it simply means you can satisfy your partner, you are aware of your partner’s needs and are sensitive to the way she feels and what she craves for; it doesn’t end there, after knowing what she needs, you also know how to make her feel better and want you the more.
That’s the man in charge and I call him the Undertaker.
I’m not sure every man fits to be called an undertaker to be honest; read on as I show you six signs that you really are the boss in bed.

One thing about moments is that the brain only remembers moments that are worth remembering, either good or bad; that’s why what hurts you the most and what pleases you the most are moments you would never forget. In other words, if you can create special memories that she just won’t forget then you are really super when in the sheets.

This is the perfect way to know if you normally satisfy your lady or you just wasting time and energy. A lady’s response after sex is the perfect litmus test; if she warms up to you immediately then she loved it, if she keeps a blank face then she didn’t enjoy it but she just can’t tell you, if she complains then you totally suck. Which category do you belong?

If your lady hasn’t told you “honey you are totally good in bed” then you aren’t. Ladies are the best judge when it comes to which man is good and which isn’t; if you make her feel great time after time, she would tell you; if you can blow her brains out, she would love you for it and won’t let go; even the most conservative of ladies would open up to a man that can make her go wild.

A man who knows what he’s doing is never in a hurry, he knows that to please a lady and make her reach orgasm, he has to take heed to other things rather than just jump straight to having sex. In other words, you take the foreplay serious, you notice what your lady craves for, you still are romantic even when the act is going and further more. When a man has all this, it means he’s in control of the situation and would make his lady go gaga.

Reaction says it all really; her reaction after sex is important and her relationship during the act is as well important. Does she just sit back, complain and give directions on so many things you aren’t doing well or does she moan and ask for more? These are two different things you should observe; the reaction your lady normally gives is the perfect judge to testing your abilities and if she goes with the latter most times then you are really the boss.

This is one part most men forget, sex and love making isn’t just about you satisfying yourself, it goes beyond that. How do you treat your lady when making love? Do you take love making as an act that would satisfy you or your lady? Do you make her smile and have fun while it’s on? Do you make her feel good about her body? Do you appreciate her? These so called things would make your lady value you the more and enjoy every bit of love making with you. With these, she would love you the more and you would as well satisfy her needs; so it’s a win-win situation.

So the big answer to if you really are good in bed as you claim lies up to you; if you are positive to most of the tips mentioned here then you surely do have a lady that’s truly satisfied, and if you aren’t then you should wake up; your lady deserves to feel good too.