After actually admitting he cheated on his wife, Ruto joins Mafisi Sacco. This is the prestigious position he will be holding

And it’s now official; Deputy President Ruto has joined mafisi Sacco.
Yesterday he became the topic of discussion after it was revealed that at some point in 2005, he actually cheated on his wife with some University lass and got her pregnant.
It would have been his little secret but somehow he got a tad too busy scouting for votes he forgot to pay for child support. Unfortunately that had dire consequences as he was taken to court to be actually compelled to be a parent.

You would expect a politician of his caliber to go hush on such a matter but not Ruto, he actually did respond. In a series of tweets he acknowledged he had indeed cheated on his wife and went further ahead to claim that he was taking good care of his little girl; even the mother too.
And he didn’t forget to mention that the lass had gone ahead to sire three other kids with different fathers; he fights rough this one eeh?

Anyway, his courage it seems has attracted many of his ilk and in thus he has been given a position on Mafisi Sacco. In a letter from the secretary general, it has been made official that’s he now an esteemed member and he will skip through the ranks to be the vice chair-okay I just made that up.
But I’m not kidding though on him being a member, here is the official letter *chuckles*