LADIES! 7 types of breast shapes and what they mean

I’m guessing if you didn’t know there were up to 7 types, you probably figured out maybe 2 or 3 namely, small, big and really big. Well, they’re way more than that and sadly what was just listed are weights not types.

According to a bra company called ThirdLove, there are have one of seven different types of boobs.

"During our product design process, we discovered that getting a great fit was about identifying the style that best suits your natural shape," says Ra'el Cohen, vice president of design and product development at ThirdLove.
It might be helpful to know the type of breasts that you have so you can dress accordingly to make them pop, this was compiled by Marissa Gainsburg, Women’s Health Magazine

1. Asymmetric 

In this type, one breast is bigger than the other, which people often say happens more times that we know, it might also range from barely noticeable to obviously glaring. The best bras for these set of boobs are ones with removable pads, this can allow you wear additional pads on the smaller ones so it looks even. 

2. Bell Shape
This type of breasts are heavier and shaped narrow at the top and big towards the bottom. The best type of bras for this will be the full coverage ones that can help carry the boobs so they don’t drag down your shoulders and cause discomforts.

3. East West  

This look like a gentle slope from the top to the bottom mostly to the sides. The nipples usually point in opposite directions. A rule of thumb for dressing will be push-up bras that will flatter your natural shape and also bring them together since that’s how they should be ideally.

4. Side Set 

There is wide space in between the boobs here and the nipples point forward than in opposite direction. The best look for this will be the Balconette styles, these have more fabric above the cups to disguise the gap in between the breasts.

5. Slender  

The best look will be plunge style with or without push up materials. The plunge pulls the breasts towards the middle to create cleavage.

6. Tear Drop
This type is close to the bell shape but the slope is lighter here, and it can be easily identified from the side. This best fits plunge style, the deeper neckline and can create a lift that fills up the shallow end.

7. Round

This look is often done surgically because its even everywhere top to bottom but some people are also naturally gifted as well.  The best look for these are balconette styles that show off the perky shape, they can pull off virtually anything.