Popular 100 bob wedding couple share photos enjoying themselves at the beach, checkout what the Mrs wore!

It has been a great journey for Ann Muhonja and Wilson Mutura aka Mr and Mrs Mutura who had a simple wedding that only cost them Ksh 100.
Their story moved many East Africans who were impressed by how simple their love story was and how they were determined to make things work.

Immediately after the story went viral, the couple got a few offers from different companies who were willing to fulfill their dreams. Ann Muhonja and Wilson Mutura were flown out by to coast where they are currently enjoying their dream honeymoon at a fully paid four star hotel in Diani, Mombasa.
From the recent photos shared by the couple, we can indeed see that they are having the time of their lives. Ann and her hubby spent sometime at the beach where they also took pictures which are proof enough that their union came as a blessing.