KICHAPO CHA UMBWA! Three Women Senselessly Clobber A Man Along Nairobi Streets Over 200 Shillings Debt

A video has surfaced on social media showing a man being given a dog’s beating for failing to pay a debt.
In the clip, three women are seen descending on the man with hot slaps and punches as he tries to defend himself against the beating.
According to reports, the man owed one woman Sh200 and they are seen trying to grab the money from his hand as he fights them off.
“Anakatalia na ameshika pesa kwa mkono. Imagine! Leta pesa yangu,” one of the women was heard saying.
Despite the mercilessly beating, the man kept saying that he does not owe the women and at some point one of them was seen grabbing him by his shirt and tearing it.
Here is the video: