Nyota Ndogo lets us in on the measures she has taken to prevent her teenage son from engaging in s3x. Poor boy!

Nyota ndogo’s son is one unlucky boy and this is all courtesy of his celebrity mum.
In his teenage years now, he’s at the height of knowing himself and exploring what life has to offer and in that regard you would expect girls to be a priority.

I mean, he’s tall, handsome and to add more spice, his mother is a celebrity. That is a perfect remedy to get the girls excited and true to that, they are…

As revealed by Nyota Ndogo herself, they have been visiting the nest in droves on excuse of wanting to do homework with her son Mbarak.

She can however spot their intentions from a mile so she always insists on them sitting at the sitting room if any homework has be done-this way she can easily monitor them making sure nothing suspicious happens.
Poor boy, no up skirt moments in the middle of a break unfortunately; I as the chairman of the left hand association officially welcome you to the club.
Here is the post Nyota Ndogo made on her instagram: