Zahra Buhari confirms her wedding

The most talked about wedding of the year between president's daughter Zahra Buhari and Ahmed Indimi will officially hold on 16th December

There has been several speculations whether the wedding will hold as it was previously slated for November but got canceled and moved to a later date

The whole world will witness the union between billionaire son and president's daughter as Zahra confirmed it on social media few hours ago

The famous wedding happening between Zahra Buhari and Ahmed Indimi has been slated for 16th December. The wedding which was previously shifted by the president due to the attention it gained will finally come to live.

Zahra and her fiance have done all they can to keep it on the down low and after the invitation cards got released, it was sure there was nothing stopping the two love birds from becoming one.

Some however still doubt it as no photos or cosign has been shown of the couple together. This strange quiet had people wondering if it was really happening. A few hours ago, Zahra Buhari confirmed it on her Instagram page by posting their hashtag and captioning it with a simple prayer "inshaAllah" meaning God willing and a heart emoji.