This Is How People According To Their Zodiac Signs Desire To Be Kissed...#1 Cancer

Cancers love to be kissed romantic. They love real connections.

#1 Cancer

#2 Capricorn

#3 Gemini

Geminis don't really care about their kisses. They just want it to be long and deep.


#4 Aquarius

Aquarius' love their kisses to be very physical. They want their bodies to feel good.

#5 Sagittariu

Sagittarius' want their kisses to be playful. They get bored easily.

#6 Virgo

Virgos get bored easily. That means you have to get creative if you want to give them a satisfying kiss.

#7 Leo

Leos expect you to adapt to their way of kissing. But if you please them, they will become extremely happy.