Brazilian gang leaks nu*de photos of female police officer in revenge

Gang Members Released Naked Pictures Of The Brazilian Policeman To Obtain Revenge.

Meet Julia

Meet Julia Liers, a police captain from Brazil. She's one of the top officers in Brazil, and she spent most of her still young career tackling the notorious gangs of Rio De Jeneiro. But she made one fatal mistake - Little Julia has posted lots of Nud*es on her social media accounts, and once the gang members found them, all hell broke lose...

#2 She Had Just Finished Arresting A Gang Leader

She had just participated in a massive operation that focused on capturing hundreds of gang members across Brazil. This simultaneous strike was coordinated with multiple police teams across the country, a strike that Julia was only one part of,
 but you know what they say: A team is only as strong as its weakest link. And one group of gang members just found a weakness that they can use to exploit Julia.

#3 They Found Her Nud*es...

Somehow, the gang members who had just lost their leader (thanks to Julia) managed to get a hold of her Nud*es. It's unclear how they found them, but they barely hesitated before releasing them on the internet. Keep in mind, the gang member released the UNCENSORED version of these pictures, meaning everything underneath those stars are fully on display for anyone who can figure out how to use google.

#4 Nice Tan Lines

Looks like Julia has some Se*xy tan lines. Seeing as she lives in Brazil, this comes as no surprise. I bet she goes tanning Nud*e on occasion. I know it's wrong, and I know she's probably pissed that her Nud*es got leaked, but wow... She has a seriously Se*xy body.

#5 Spreading It Wide

I can only assume that she was trying to send these pictures to her boyfriend. When she took these, she probably had no idea that they would end up on the internet for virtually the whole world to see. Do you think she is wishing she chose a different career path right about now?

#6 She Should Be Proud

The thing about this is that with a body like that, she shouldn't even be ashamed. It's not like people are making fun of her for being ugly... If anything, she's probably got a loyal fanbase now! Maybe she has a future as a pornstar, if she ever gets fired or quits from the police force.

#7 Stay Strong Julia

This is definitely not what she imagined her career to be like. At least she wasn't shot or anything. But if she's a shy girl, this might even be worse than suffering a bullet would. The gang members might have dealt a serious blow to her confidence...

#8 How Can She Face Her Coworkers?

Imagine being her coworker. Would you look up her Nud*es? They're only a click away, after all. Personally, I'll bet that all her male coworkers had looked at her Nud*es when she walked back into work the next day. Imagine that awkward silence as she walked through those doors... Damn...