How to get beautifully arched, natural looking brows

See how Iamdodos nails the perfect, beautifully arched natural looking brow everytime in super easy steps.

Makeup Tutorial: How to get beautifully arched, natural looking brows

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Beauty blogger and makeup artiste; Iamdodos shows the perfect way to achieve beautifully arched natural looking brow.

Well defined but natural looking eyebrows are not so common compared to the boxy, drawn in type of brows that are common amongst ladies (no thanks to some Instagram makeup artistes).

In short easy steps, the makeup artiste shows how to nail perfect brows without it being overdone. Note that it's important to brush the brows to tame them as natural as possible, go easy/gentle on the brow filler.

In easy steps:

1. Clean the eyebrows, so the area is free from oil, grit or any form of makeup

2. Brush the brows with a spoolie brush. Brush the hairs upwards and down to align naturally

3. With an eyebrow definer, start filling in the brows gently from the arch with an angled brush to get the illusion of a natural looking brow as much as possible.

4. Fill in lightly by lining from under the brows then go in to fill sparse areas of the brows.

5. Neaten (under and over) the brows with concealer for a clean finish

6. Brush the brows in a natural direction

Iamdodos used these products to achieve the natural brow look:

    Zaron Eyebrow Definer

    MUD Angle Brush

    MUD 410 Brush