10 Best Butt*s on Instagram – The Big A*ss Smoking Hot B00ty Babes

We all have had our fair share of ogling at celebrity nud*es that are leaked by them on purpose, here are 10 Instagram smoking hot Instagram celebrity bu*tts that do not even need nud*ity to make a statement. These busty babes are so awesome and inspirational that they have made it to millions of fans in Instagram mostly without nud*ity. These bu*tts are sheer examples of perfection.

1. Annelise Marie (Ann Elise Jr)

Instagram: annelisejr (558K Followers)

Annelise Marie (Ann Elise Jr) - Best Instagram Butts Annelise Marie (Ann Elise Jr) - Best Instagram Butts2

She is 27-year-old, blonde, model from LA (Ca) who loves hiking, tennis, and volleyball. I am loving all 4 of HER volleyballs, to be honest. In 2014 she got her real estate license as well. I am certainly buying whatever she’s selling!

2. Emily Sears

Instagram: emilysears (3.7 M Followers)
Emily Sears - Best Instagram Butts

Emily Sears - Best Instagram Butts3 Emily Sears - Best Instagram Butts3
She is LA based tall(5.8′) blonde model of Austrailian origin. She debuted with Harlem Production in Austrailia and has been featured in countless productions since then.
Who cares about the magazine cover features, I like her curves none the less.

3. Jojo Von Southi

Instagram: jojo_babie (5.6 M Followers)
Jojo Von Southi - Best Instagram Butts

Jojo Von Southi - Best Instagram Butts2 Jojo Von Southi - Best Instagram Butts3
A 28 year busty old Kansas-based, Asian origin fitness model, she is also ‘The girl with the perfect curves’,
or as she calls herself ‘Your favorite Asian girl’.

4. Katya Elise Henry

Instagram: katyaelisehenry (3 M Followers)
Katya Elise Henry - Best Instagram Butts

Katya Elise Henry - Best Instagram Butts2 Katya Elise Henry - Best Instagram Butts3
Miami-based fitness model & trainer ehp-labs athlete who worked as a full-time nanny before rising to fame with Instagram and Tumblr.
While most of the pretty ladies in this list are models, she is a professional trainer who can actually help you work-out and build a butt like hers. You can check workout courses she offers on her website.

5. Kenzie Mo

Instagram: theofficial_kenzie (163K Followers)
Kenzie Mo - Best Instagram Butts

Kenzie Mo - Best Instagram Butts Kenzie Mo - Best Instagram Butts3
24 years old, Minnesota raised German/ Scandinavian, and an aspiring model. And if that’s not enough for titles she is running her own business and building her brand along with modeling. She want’s to be a successful model and from the looks of it, I am sure she will be pretty soon. She is an example for all those who really aspire to do something. No excuse to not doing what you really want to.
Your plate is never too full, you just don’t have your priorities straight. Just find time for what you love and do it. You might not get all the success immediately, but eventually, you will get there.
Meanwhile, follow her on Instagram and enjoy her curvy pics, and if you wanna do more than just ogling at her, You can check out customized merchandise with her sexiest pics on her website

6. Morgan Hultgren

Instagram: swedishkiller_xoxo (5,503 Followers)
Morgan Hultgren - Best Instagram Butts

Morgan Hultgren - Best Instagram Butts3 Morgan Hultgren - Best Instagram Butts2
I want to kill myself after seeing her ‘low number’ of followers on Instagram. She has better curves than many actresses in Hollywood and yet just 5,503 followers. Such a shame.
I don’t wanna live in this world anymore lol.

7. Natalia Velez

Instagram: nataliavelez (151K Followers)
Natalia Velez - Best Instagram Butts

Natalia Velez - Best Instagram Butts3 Natalia Velez - Best Instagram Butts2
Ok, she is not much of a big deal, just a smoking hot model with 151,000 followers on Instagram and one of the most gorgeous bodies . No biggie eh!

Here’s a video of this rebellious bad girl I found on Youtube