This Sailor Moon Swimsuit Is Driving Asian Men Wild

The Ultimate Swimsuit

This school girl style swimsuit is all the rage in Asia, and we're starting to see exactly why.

First off, you need an extremely hot girl to model it!

#2 Not An Ordinary Suit
It's perfectly cut to display all the assets men love to gawk at.

#3 Thong Song
It's practically a shirt with a strap covering the kitty cat, but we're not complaining or anything!

#4 Rice Cakes
This chicks showing off her natural gifts, and we appreciate her for doing so.

#5 Turn Up The Heat
Well there's an angle you don't see every day...

#6 Poor Girl

Oh no, someone ripped her swimsuit and left her practically nude!

#7 So Wet
You've gotta test it's durability in water, right?