Bigg Boss 10: Before RE-ENTERING the house, Swami Om FOOLS show makers! Check out how!

In tonight’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 10’, Swami Om will come back to the house as he had made an emergency exit for the hearing of a case against him. Swami Om, who has already made his entry inside the house, has again done something which will be shocking yet hilarious.

Swami Om enteringBB’house with garlands (Photo: Colors)
According to a report on an entertainment portal, Swami Om asked for few garlands before entering the house again. He told the crew members that he wanted to do some pooja before entering the house. The ‘Bigg Boss 10’ makers agreed to the wish and gave some garlands to Swami Om.

After entering the house, Swami Om fooled the other housemates in a funny way.
According to BOC, Swami Om fooled the co-contestants by saying that his fans welcomed him at the airport in a grand way with flower garlands. He even went on to say that many big celebrities were also waiting to welcome him at the airport. This is another lie by Swami Om to hide the fact that he was out for the court hearing.