14 Pictures That Prove All Celebrities Women Look Very Hot In Yoga Pants

We can all probably agree that yoga pants are great. Women love them for how comfy they feel and men love ‘em for a whole other reason that has more to do with how our butts look in them, but either way it’s a win-win. Yoga pants are a perfect solution for when you’re feeling lazy and just need to put something on. They are your best friend when working out, since they’re stretchy as hell. And they’re a strong favourite when it comes to travelling, because let’s be real, they’re way more comfortable than jeans. Plus, we’re pretty sure all women look good in yoga pants and we’ve got a 14 pictures that prove that!

1. Selena Gomez
Selena looks awesome no matter what she wears, so obviously she looks smashing in yoga pants. Her secret to such a great looking body is to constantly keep it guessing. She doesn’t have a set exercise routine, instead she mixes and matches between dancing, hiking, doing pilates and spinning. That way she doesn’t get bored of doing the same type of exercise all the time and is much less likely to skip a day of exercising.

2. Amanda Seyfried
It’s been a while since her days in Mean Girls, but Amanda Seyfried just seems to be getting more gorgeous every year. She keeps herself in shape by doing a lot of running. Not only does it help her to burn some calories and workout her legs, but it also helps her deal with anxiety.

3. Jennifer Lawrence
How can anyone not like Jennifer Lawrence. She’s funny and quirky, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she looks amazing. Most of the time we’re not sure whether we want to be friends with her or just be her. And just look at that body. How did she get it? Mostly yoga.

4. Gigi Hadid
Gigi might have the body we all dream of having, but she still has some insecurities, so she works out hard in the gym. In order to keep those amazing abs visible she does grueling ab workouts that include crunches, leg raises and lots of planks 4 times a week.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 04

5. Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner is blessed with a gorgeous body and she’s not keeping it a secret. She’s pretty open about the fact that a lot of the time she doesn’t really need to workout to look slim. But when it’s fashion week season she’s at the gym 4 days a week doing anything her trainer tells her too and drinking 12 cups of detox tea a day.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 05

6. Amber Rose
Amber is famous for her curves and she shows them off proudly by wearing skin tight clothes. But we all know, that yoga pants are the best way to show off that butt. But those awesome curves are both a blessing and a curse for Amber, cause people often come up to her and just feel free to cop a feel. Not cool, people. Not cool.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 06

7. Ariel Winter
Ariel is a big believer in loving yourself the way you are. She’s known for being body positive and posting about it on her Instagram. But that doesn’t mean she’s just sitting back and letting her body do its thing. She works out and lifts weights and hikes, which reminds us there’s nothing wrong with loving your body and working on making it stronger.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 10

8. Kaley Cuoco
Kaley has struggles with her weight most of her life and we’ve all noticed it when watching the Big Bang Theory. It’s not that she was lazy, no, it’s just because she was trying things that work for others and they didn’t work the same for her. And then she found yoga – that was a life changer. She now swears by it and goes to yoga almost every day and it definitely shows. She looks stunning.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 08

 9. Kate Upton
Kate Upton definitely has curves in all the right places, and it’s easy to assume she’s just naturally gifted with such a great body. The truth is that while she might have won the genetic lottery when it comes to that curvy hourglass figure, she also works hard to keep herself in shape. She works out 5 times a week and can do hip thrusts with a 200 lb weight. Never pictured her lifting weights, did you?
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 09

10. Jennifer Selter
We know little about Jennifer Selter as a person, but we’ve definitely seen her bootylicious pictures all over the internet, wearing yoga pants. There’s no debate over the fact that she works out a lot to keep her curves. But as her followers we know very little about her, perhaps it’s time to open up a bit, huh, Jennifer?
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 11

11. Kim Kardashian
Kim’s body proportions are shocking. Whether you think they’re amazing or outrageously ridiculous, you’ve got to admit that she has taken the hourglass figure to a whole new level. Her waist is tiny, her booty – impressive to say the least. Is it natural or was it enhanced? We might never know, but we do know that Kim is a beast at the gym.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 12